Spiritual Life Fellowship, Inc., a Spiritualists' National Union Church, Ridgefield, New Jersey

Spiritual Life Fellowship, Inc.

An Associated Body of the Spiritualists' National Union

A Spiritualist Church and Center in an Interfaith Tradition

The Rev. Barbara Toole, CSNU, Pastor and Spiritualist Medium  

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Welcome to

Spiritual Life Fellowship

“The time will come. . .when the effect on the heart
will be to bring all men to believe on God,
on Love, and on Progress,
without any subdivisions,
without any shades or distinctions. . .”

By Lord Francis Bacon
Delivered through the mediumship of Dr. George Dexter
May 20, 1853

Spiritual Life Fellowship is a Spiritualist Church in the Interfaith Tradition.  We recognize this effect on the hearts of men and women today.  It is our belief that, indeed, we are on the cusp of a “New Age,” a time of spiritual awakening in which each individual is free to believe on God, on Love, and on Progress, in his or her own way.

We believe that the Divine is found in the silence of the heart, not in a building or a book. We are a community of spiritual seekers, each on his or her own path, supporting each other as we move forward on our personal spiritual journeys.

Spiritual Life Fellowship is the place for you if:


You feel you are a spiritual person but do not feel drawn to an organized religion.


You find fulfillment in an organized religion, but are seeking additional avenues of spiritual growth.


You feel there is a deeper meaning to life, and you have a desire to learn and grow spiritually.


You enjoy meeting like-minded people.

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For more information about Rev. Barbara and about scheduling a Private Mediumistic Sitting please click on the following link:   www.BarbaraToole.com.